How It Works

We’re a team of bargain hunters, passionate about making sure that we don’t pay more for something than we need to. Calls us tight, call us frugal or call us penny-pinchers but one thing you can’t call us is money wasters.

We’ve put this website together as a way of finding some of the best bargains online, all in one place. You might have heard the saying that there is no such thing as a free lunch, but that is not the case here. We have over 500 real freebies listed on our website and if you wish, you’re able to get your hands on every single one of them! With a handful of new freebie offers listed every single day, there really is no excuse for you not to be able to get your hands on something without parting with your hard earned cash.!

There are literally 1000’s of companies that give away free products every single week. Whether they’re free samples or loss leaders that they send out to get your attention, companies are quickly catching onto the fact that sending out free products to potential customers is a solid marketing method that really works! As a consumer this is something that you should be taking advantage of and if it isn’t – then we’re here to show you how it could be!

Genuine Freebies On Offer

One thing we’re passionate about is making sure that they freebies we show you are offers that you can actually make use of. In the past we have worked with household names such as Rimmel, Huggies, Gucci, Colgate, Pampers, Colgate and more as well as supermarkets Tesco, Asda and Sainsburys. We look forward to all of these working relationships continuing and us bringing you many more freebie offers in the future.

How To Get Your Freebie

One thing we do care about is making sure that these freebies are accessible to everyone, so unlike some other freebie websites you won’t have to jump through hoops to get your hands on these offers.

You simply start by browsing our website  and finding the one that you like. Once you seen an offer you like the look of just click the ‘get freebie button’.

You’ll then be taken direct to the company’s website where you’ll be asked to fill in some simple details including your name and address.

All you have to do then is sit back and wait for your freebie to arrive. It is worth noting that this could take up to 28 days in some cases, although this is rare.

Of course there is nothing stopping you from then coming back onto our site to find another freebie deal that you like the sound of!

The good news is that there are lots of different freebie offers listed & we’re always updating what we have on offer. So even if there is nothing that catches your eye this time make sure you come back soon because we’re always adding new offers to tempt you.

Our FAQ page can help if you have any questions too!