Hints And Tips

We want your bargain hunting ways to be made as easy as possible. As seasoned professionals in the applying for freebies game we know all the hints and tips to make sure that you get the most out of your freebie experience.

Making The Most Of Our Website

1 – Use a second email address as correspondence when applying for freebies. When you  apply for these freebies you usually get added to an email list which means you receive quite a high volume of emails. Setting up a free email address (hotmail or Gmail work fine) helps to avoid these emails cluttering up your inbox.

2 – Keep up to date with the latest freebie offers by checking our website often. Generally speaking we add new products around 11am each morning.

3 – Sign up to our Facebook page or Twitter feed to be notified instantly of any products and offers that we add to make sure that you never have to miss out on a freebie

4 – Make use of our weekly email newsletter too,  to get a round-up of the best freebies of the week. It’s sent every Wednesday and is our pick of the best offers of  the week.

5 – Don’t forget that we also have a new mobile app so that iPhone and Android users can keep up to date with the latest offers while they’re on the go.

Top Tips When Applying For Freebies                       

1 – Make sure you apply for freebies as soon as you can. Sometimes numbers are limited and popular freebies tend to be snapped up quickly. Our website is updated at 11am each day, so the nearer to this you can check the updates and apply for your chosen freebies the better.

2 – Make sure you read all of the instructions and fill in all of the details that they need. If you miss out any essential information then this could result in a company not sending you the freebie you applied for.

3 – We get just as excited as you at the prospect of getting something for free, but try to only apply for what you actually need and can make use of. That way things are much fairer and everyone gets the chance to be able to bag something for free that they’ll really love.

What To Do With Too Many Freebies

If you do end up with too many freebies then don’t just let them go to waste. There are lots of people that can make use of them so why not:

 – Pass them on to friends and family
– Sell them at car boots, on Gumtree or on a Facebook selling page
– Donate them to charity
– Recycle them
– Find other freebie hunters and swap items with them!

Have you got a hint or tip that you think we’ve missed? Drop us an email today with your tip for getting the best freebies and we’ll add it to our page!